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Nike Air Foamposite Ones in Olive


NIKE recently dropped the Air Foamposite One in the Olive colorway. This is one of the more creative Foamposites; not because of a crazy color scheme but because of the accurate colors (they actually look like an olive) and the clean, simple details on the shoe. It’s not everyday NIKE makes a dope sneaker without going ape shit on the molds to show off their latest technological advancements in footwear *Lebron James*. These Foams have a suede olive green upper, gum sole, Velvet Brown leather accents and metal eyelets. The earthy colorway fits right in with fall weather wardrobes. Take it easy on your patterns though, bruh. I know you are going to be tempted to wear some time fatigue-ish pattern, which may not be bad it is away from the shoe (snapback or a lightweight jacket). Personally, I would want these pretty pieces to be the focal point of my fit so I would wear them with a muted palette of earthy tones; or colorblock my outfit so there is absolutely no competition with these sneakers. Check them out below in all their glory. Hit em KITH NYC to buy some for your self, here.







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Images via KITH