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theLIST Link Round Up | What You Should Know About


Every week, aside from fashion finds, I stalk people, places and things to bring some of the internet’s best links. Discover new things, stay updated on the latest….stuff; kill time with videos; or just learn something. Whatever is listed, I thought was pretty dope and wanted to share it with you. This will happen to you weekly. Enjoy.

  1. Style: Lists the Most Liked Sneakers on Instagram 2015 (DETAILS)
  2. Sports: Best NBA Crossovers of 2015 (Esquire)
  3. Music: Kanye West – Facts (NIKE Diss?!) (Youtube)
  4. Celebrity: List the ‘Most Over-Paid’ Actors of 2015 (Forbes)
  5. Instagram: MARVIN Models (Instagram)
  6. Tech: Cortana App (Google | Itunes)
  7. Funny: Characters You Will See in the Gym (Cool Material)
  8. Cars: 14 Coolest Looking Cars of the Year (Thrillist)
  9. Travel: Upscale Looking Budget-Friendly Hotels (Thrillist)
  10. Music: 10 Songs That Should Blow Up In 2016 (Complex)

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