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theLIST Link Round Up | What You Should Know About


I missed last week but here we are with round 2. Aside from fashion finds, I stalk people, places and things to bring some of the internet’s best links. Discover new things, stay updated on the latest sh….stuff; kill time with videos; or just learn something. This week features a Playboy photographer, a new Deadpool costume, Martin Shkreli losing his mind – again, the Ferarri F80 Concept, Scooby Doo reboot and more.Whatever is listed, I thought was pretty dope and wanted to share it with you. This will happen to you weekly. Enjoy.

  1. Cars: Ferarri F80 Concept (Uncrate)
  2. Travel: 8 Up-in-Coming Cities to Visit in 2016 (Cool Material)
  3. Eats: Doritos Onion Rings (Thrillist)
  4. Funny: Air BnB has a Netflix & Chill Room for You (theChive)
  5. People: European Playboy Photographer, Ana Dias (Ana Dias Photography)
  6. Style: Kobe Bryant’s 2016 All-Star Game Sneaker (Nice Kicks)
  7. Drinks: Type A Musical Artist’s Name, Get a Drink Recipe (
  8. Video: Martin Shkreli Threatens Ghostface Killah (Esquire)
  9. Design: Marvel’s Deadpool Costume Re-Imagined (Behance)
  10. TV: DC Reboots Scooby-Doo, Johnny Quest, Flintstones and More. (Hypebeast)

Thank you for your time.

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