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Popular Demand’s Logo Flipped Tees


There’s nothing new about logo flips or logo parody tees. However, as someone who loves well conceptualized apparel – or anything really, I can appreciate Popular Demand‘s take on several iconic brands. Their logo flips didn’t come from Fortune 500 companies but rather from childhood nostalgia products like Pop-Rocks, Warheads, Klondike and Bazooka Joe bubble gum. For good measure they even flipped sriracha sauce, American Airlines, U.S. Passport covers and more. The details are on point.

My favorite t-shirt is the WAR tee. Probably because this is the candy I loved the most out of all the others. Warheads were the shit. Everyone’s face ends up looking like the logo. Side note, have you seen the videos of the kids eating a Warhead for the first time. Parents are assholes, in the best, most entertaining way possible. Lol. Laugh at traumatized kids, here.

Back to Popular Demand…

Another reason I love logo flips like these from Popular Demand is because of the Dole pineapple tee I have from DOPE Couture. I get so many compliments and confused faces from random people. Most people think I really love fruit until they get closer.

I am pretty sure Popular Demand tees will get the same reaction. I will find out this summer, which is when I will wear the one I get. Still deciding which but it most likely be the WAR Shirt. Pick some up for yourself on their website or at their store in L.A., if you are in the area.









Do you have a favorite logo flipped tee? Let me know below.


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