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NIKE Air Max 90 “Sweets” City Pack


I honestly don’t care if these are for women. If they have my size, I would buy. These Nike Air Max 90 “Sweets” are dope enough to gender-bend your feet. Each colorway is based on a city from around the world, and is named after that city’s most notable treats. Paris has the Macaroon inspired shoe. NY has the cheesecake version. Side note: I really wanted to do a Diddy-Making the Band Cheesecake joke, but I won’t. Instead let’s get hype about the flavors you can atleast get for your girl. Christmas is coming up bruh. These delicacies will be dropping Fall 2015. Milan, Shanghai, London and Tokyo are also featured. See the list of colorway-desert names below.

Milan: Spritz


London: The Eton Mess, English dessert with meringue, strawberries and cream


NYC: Strawberry Cheesecake


Paris: Macaroon


Tokyo: Pancakes Harajuku


Shanghai: Must Win Cake (Dingsheng Cake)



Which is your favorite? Let me know below.


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