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Iceland’s Inklaw Cut-N-Sew Jackets


I appreciate anyone who puts time and energy into their craft. I heart-eyes emoji anyone or brand that can also be really good at their craft, products or services. With that being said, I am really crushing on some of these jackets from Inklaw. They come all the way from Iceland to deliver you handmade apparel items that dope enough to create a waiting list – because there is a waiting list. If you want some pieces that most likely won’t show up on your IG feed, causing an issues between you and your friend because they are wearing the exact jacket you told them you wanted and they said it was wack but ended up buying it and taking pictures in it and posting it knowing you will see it than…..I forgot where I was going with this, but fvk Terrance. More importantly, Inklaw isn’t a huge name in fashion yet, so pick up a piece and have something unique that everyone can’t, but will want to be seen in. Visit their online store, here.

Inklaw Cut-N-Sew Jackets-1

Inklaw Cut-N-Sew Jackets-4

Inklaw Cut-N-Sew Jackets-3

Inklaw Cut-N-Sew Jackets-2

Inklaw Cut-N-Sew Jackets-5

Check out this video of their production process of making this jacket:


Side bar: I don’t know a Terrance.


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