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Drake – *NEW* Summer Sixteen (Meek Mill Diss?!) | Music


Drake, hot on the heels of his feature with Rhianna on her album ANTi, drops Summer Sixteen. The 6 God takes the opportunity to respond to a few things that have been popping off since his the drop of Hotline Bling. He addresses Obama’s favoritism of Kendrick Lamar over him. He also throws a few jabs at Meek Mill. Now, some will make an issue about the Jay-Z and Kanye lines but really I don’t think there is an issue there since rumors are flying around that he has been in studio with Kanye recently. The pool reference is more of a metaphor, in my opinon, about how big Drake has become; which is why I think Drake added the DJ Khaled snippet at the end. Here’s the track. Judge it for your self. Summer sixteen does seem like it’s about to lit though.

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