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Adidas and Kanye West Release A Commercial For The YEEZY BOOST!

Adidas has been looking pretty good lately. They have been swooping up A-List celebs to endorse and revamp the brand’s appeal. Arguably, the most newsworthy and highly anticipated collaboration comes from Mr. Give-Your-Awards-to-Beyonce, better known as Kanye West. After leaving Nike, Kanye finally got to design a shoe with high fashion roots and with opinions of the people that mattered to him the most, Kanye, Kanye and Kanye. You can’t really blame ‘Ye for wanting it his way. The shoe is dope in my opinion and so are the ones he has created for Nike and Louis Vuitton. I like the gray suede on the upper but the shoe will probably be better in a leather version, although that is a common material. We all know there is nothing common about Kanye. Check out the first commercial for Kanye’s YEEZY BOOST below.


Stay Dope! C.