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A$AP Ferg is Definitely on a New Level | Music


We all like songs for one reason or another. Sometimes it’s the beat that makes you throw it in a circle; or it could be chorus that has looking like a crazy person in your car, at a light. Often times the content actually speaks to us – at least it does for me anyway. With all the bullshit music that gets put out; and all the criticism hip hop receives for its lyrics, there are still songs like A$AP Ferg’s New Level that get’s you motivated to do more than just party. As a person who is trying to take the BANGWITHCAMINO brand to a new level, this song get’s me excited to change my life. It hits hard, for me anyway, because the beat taps a toe or two, the subject is relatable and the hook is dope. To go even further, Fergistein killed his verses. Future came through for the assist, as he is known to do. Having Future is probably on purpose since nobody in rap went to a new level like the Dirty Sprite maker did. Check out the visuals below.


Thank you for your time.


Stay Dope! C.