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5 Must-Have White Sneakers For Spring/Summer


With the weather finally getting it’s shit together and summer just a few months away, every wardrobe should include a crispy pair of white sneakers. Menswear and streetwear enthusiast alike can appreciate the versatility and trendy aspects of some really dope white shoes. Back in the early 2000s, people used to go insane for a pair of Nike’s icy white Air Force ones – so much so, Nelly even dedicated over 4 mins of lyrics to them. Sneakers have come a loooooong way since then. Now brands like Filling Pieces, Android Homme and Buschemi are killing the sneaker game, in particular white sneakers. Check out a few of some of my favorite nose candy colored kicks on the market. Yuggh (Pusha T voice). Click the name to shop these shoes.

Filling Pieces’ High Top Lingotto White – $254.52


Asics – Gel Lyte V “OG” – $120


Android Homme Alfa Lo – White Snake – $560


Converse – All Star Chuck ‘70 – $80


Adidas – Equipment Guidance 93 “off White” – $150


Stay Dope! C