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5 Dope Things: Kevin Hart is David Beckham, the Yakuza, top 500 Influencers and more.


There are so many good things happening on the internet. Let’s start with the little guy: Kevin Hart, for some reason, has it in his mind he can play David Beckham in Beckham’s life story. Okay it may just be an ad for H&M but it’s still very entertaining. Also, there is this list of the top 500 fashion influencers according to the Business of Fashion think tank. There are some people you’d expect to be on there, some people you never heard of, and some people that you think are missing from the list. Speaking of lists, if you are a single man, there is a link to the best hotels for your kind to check in to. Be careful if one is owned by the Yakuza. The below documentary-style video of the Japanese Yakuza might make them seem less violent, but don’t let that fool you. From an illegal life to a photographing centerfolds life, get to know Gregorio Campos. The Arsenic Magazine affiliated photographer tells you how photography truly saved his life.

1. David Beckham x Kevin Hart x H&M


2. Top 500 Fashion Influencers


3. 10 Hotels for Single Guys


4. Behind the Lens with Gregorio Campos


5. A Rare Glimpse Inside One of Japan’s Yakuza Family



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