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KITH Made an Awesome Down Jacket


After antagonizing winter for the last few months, I think mother nature got sick of my shit and finally delivered a series of days of cold f’ing weather. Now to be fair, I only called this bih out about the weather because I love jackets. Some people are into sneakers, snapbacks, t-shirts; but for me it’s jackets – especially bombers. On my emoji-with-the-heart-eyes list is the KITH Classic MA-1 Down Jacket (or bomber depending on your fashion IQ). Regardless of the technical name of jacket, you can just call it dope. Their 2016 drop has a few colorways of this piece (black, space gray, slate), but my favorite is the apricot. Probably because it’s a color I can see working with different types of outfits and can transition from winter to spring. Everything about the jacket is fire. The details are on point; the liner makes you think you can wear it on the flight deck next to your B-2 bomber; the double zipper lets you feel like you have options. Like, who doesn’t want options – zip down or zip up…Oh, the choices.

Check it out below. If you want it on your body, it’s on







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