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10 Types of Sneakerheads by @richiele23


Previously, in another life, I was not a sneakerhead. However, the more my blog grows and the deeper I get into street fashion, my appreciation for sneakers is becoming an obsession. Hopefully, I don’t end up as one of youtuber Richie Le‘s 10 Types of Sneakerheads. Check out the video below and see if you are no the list or if you know someone that is. Based on the comments of this video, one type of sneakerhead that was left out was the broke sneakerhead who knows all about sneakers and release dates but can’t afford to stand inline on a school day, avoid being trampled and robbed, win an overpriced eBay auction; or any of the other things sneakerheads have to go through to get their hands on re-released Jordans. Speaking of Jordans…like girls? like Jordans? like hot girls in Jordans? Check out that gallery, here.

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